Smooth Sailing with Marlin Title in Tampa Bay

When purchasing residential or commercial real estate, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. Marlin Title has 16 years of experience in property and title research to ensure that you don’t hit any snags along the way. We excel in real estate title insurance, closings, and escrow services. It is our goal to find and mitigate financial damage because of ownership claims on a potential property, along with other related factors.

We’ll not only find any potential issues with a property, but we’ll also find creative solutions to help you get to closing faster.

Title Insurance Policies

Real estate transactions involve multiple steps before the process is complete. Although many transactions go smoothly, there are multiple opportunities where something may go wrong because of an unforeseen challenge. The team at Marlin Title will thoroughly search for pending mortgages, lawsuits, liens, undisclosed heirs, and other details that may delay a property purchase.

Title/Property Searches

The experts at Marlin Title will start off by searching public records to determine and/or verify the rightful property owner. While conducting this search, we’ll also look for any liens or other claims against the property that may disrupt or prevent the purchase.

Refinancing Title Services

Marlin Title has many years of experience working with banks to refinance property. If you need to refinance a piece of real estate, our team will complete a thorough background check. We’ll also complete an examination of the title to identify any potential problems. We can also handle “cash out” needs by working directly with the lender so that we can disburse your funds quickly and accurately.

Mortgage Closings 

Anyone who’s been through a mortgage closing understands that it’s often a long, arduous process. The staff at Marlin Title will conduct the real estate closing steps necessary for protecting your property from former owner claims, back taxes, and even fraud. This will help protect your investment, and if any problems arise, our team will kick into gear to fix them in an expedient manner.

Escrow and Notary Services

Marlin Title will handle escrow and notary services. Our team will open a noninterest bearing escrow account to hold both your funds as well as your lender’s until it’s time to be disbursed. We also provide notary services, which is easy for us to do since each person on our team is a certified notary.

Document Preparation

As you might expect, every residential or business property purchase involves a variety of documents. The team at Marlin Title is very well-versed in document preparation for every step of the purchase and closing process. We always make sure that we’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, so you can rest assured that all the documents will be complete and factual. Notary services are also available for these documents, as needed.

Remote Closings

Gone are the days when a mortgage closing had to be done in person, which could cause delays and added expenses. Marlin Title has access to the latest in e-signing and e-notarization technologies. This affords you unprecedented flexibility during the purchasing process.

Thousands of Closings

With so much at stake with any property purchase, it’s important that you always work with individuals and companies that have plentiful experience. With 16 years under our belt, Marlin Title has been involved with thousands of real estate closings. We’ve basically seen it all and done it all, which is especially useful when an unforeseen problem arises. We’ll know how to deal with it properly and efficiently so that there’s a lower chance of it disrupting your purchase.

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