Experienced Title Company in Safety Harbor

If you’re in need of experts in real estate title insurance, closings, and escrow services, look no further than the team at Marlin Title. Our company has 16 years of experience in property and title research. Along with many other aspects of the property-buying process. Our goal is to help avoid any potential financial damage due to ownership claims or other problems with the property.

Title Insurance Policies

The biggest reason title insurance policies are so important is that you never know what you may discover until you’re near a closing. Although most real estate transactions tend to flow without any disruptions, unforeseen challenges can crop up when you least expect them. If any pending mortgages, lawsuits, liens, undisclosed errors, or other potential issues are out there, Marlin Title will find them. It is our goal to ensure you know everything about the property and provide unique solutions to help you get to closing faster.

Title/Property Searches

The first thing our team will do when we begin working with a new client who’s purchasing property is to search public records so we can identify the rightful property owner. During this time, we’ll also search for any liens or claims against the property. This is an essential part of the process because even the smallest finding can lead to a disruption in the purchasing of the home or business.

Refinancing Title Services

In certain situations, you may need to refinance an existing property. Marlin title has worked with many financial institutions over the years, making us the perfect partner to help you see things through. Besides examining the title to identify potential problems, we’ll also deal with “cash out” requirements where money must be disbursed to other entities in a specific timeframe.

Mortgage Closings

It’s no secret that a mortgage closing is a very involved process that takes a considerable amount of time in most situations. Marlin Title understands that taking shortcuts is a recipe for disaster. We always take the time to check the property you intend to buy to see if there are any former owner claims, back taxes, or potential fraud. If any problems are found, our team will spring into action immediately.

Escrow and Notary Services

The financial professionals at Marlin Title have dealt with many escrow and notary service needs in the past. Our team will open a noninterest bearing escrow account to hold both your funds as well as your lender’s until it’s time to be disbursed. As for our notary services, our team provides mobile notary services to ensure all documents are notarized and used properly.

Document Preparation

Throughout the property-buying process, you’ll need to fill out quite a bit of paperwork. Marlin Title knows all the ins and outs of these documents and we’ll get them prepared for you in a more efficient manner. Our team will also make sure that you haven’t left out any pertinent details that could potentially delay the purchase of the property.

Remote Closings

It seems like yesterday that any type of business dealings had to be done in person every step of the way. In recent years, however, technology has allowed us to do most things remotely. Our experts can work with you even when your thousands of miles away and will incorporate advanced software such as e-signing and e-notarization to complete the purchase.

Thousands of Closings

When dealing with any property purchase, the last thing you want is to put your trust into a title company that hasn’t had a lot of experience. Over the 16 years that Marlin Title has been in business, we’ve handled thousands of closings for properties of all sizes. This experience allows us to react to unforeseen problems quickly and effectively so that our clients always come out on top.

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Marlin Title has worked very hard to become the most renowned title agency in Safety Harbor and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions about the real estate closing services we provide or have other title insurance needs, give us a call at (727) 791-7000 today to schedule a free consultation. You can also check out our Rate Calculator here.