How Can A Homeowner Protect their Real Estate Transaction?

Before selling your home, verify the title agent is licensed in the state the real estate transaction is taking place. Having a licensed title agent safeguards your real estate transaction. The title agent will inform all parties (buyer, sellers & lender) of obstacles and issues before closing. This allows the buyer, seller, or lender an opportunity to resolve before the closing date. Additionally, title agents protect both the buyer & lender against claims made by any other persons to ownership of the property.

The property will be worthless; because of the title issues. Ultimately in the future, the owner will sell or refinance their property. Having a non-licensed agent overseeing a transaction prevents the buyer or borrower from receiving the actual value for their property. Title service agents protect the homeowner from the risk of devaluing their property & assistant in meeting the title insurance requirements set by the state and county statutes.

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