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The team at Marlin Title understands that residential and commercial real estate purchases are important investments. With over 16 years of experience in real estate title insurance, mortgage closings, and escrow services, our team will ensure that your transaction goes smoothly. By handling the process for you, you can proceed with your purchase and never have to worry about financial damage from a situation that you could not foresee.

Title Insurance Policies

Real estate transactions go perfectly fine every single day, but you never hear about the ones that go awry. Marlin Title offers insurance policies that will protect you from unforeseen legal and financial discrepancies stemming from any possible claims on the title. These include pending mortgages, legal actions, liens, undisclosed heirs, and other such issues.

Title/Property Searches

With the existence of both physical and digital property documentation, it’s not unheard of for claims to be made against the property during the purchasing phase. The experts at Marlin Title will comb through public records and definitively identify the rightful property owner. This search will also identify any liens or other claims to avoid any negative consequences.

Refinancing Title Services

If you’re planning to refinance a piece of real estate, Marlin Title can assist you and the bank with the process. Our team will conduct a thorough background check on the title of the property to establish any potential problems. If the borrower wants to receive “cash out” from the refinancing, we’ll work directly with the lender to get the funds dispersed in a timely manner.

Mortgage Closings

No matter how big or small, the closing of a mortgage can be time-consuming and complex. Our detail-oriented team will handle every step of the real estate closing process. This involves protecting the property from potential claims involving former owners, back taxes, and even fraudulent claims. This will safeguard your transaction while ensuring that we can address any problems that arise right away.

Escrow and Notary Services

Marlin Title can also handle escrow and notary services, making us a one-stop shop to protect your impending investment. Our team will establish an escrow account. This allows us to disburse funds throughout the buying process on your behalf.

Document Preparation

As with any type of purchasing transaction, the buying of a property will involve several types of documents. Marlin Title will conduct document preparation as it pertains to our part of the process. This helps to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We are very meticulous and detail-oriented, which means that all of the t’s will be crossed and all of the i’s will be dotted.

Remote Closings

Many individuals and businesses are conducting transactions from remote locations. Marlin Title uses the most modern technology available. We expertly use e-signing and e-notarization, so our team can handle property closings for individuals who cannot conduct their business in person. This level of convenience is often unexpected, but it’s always very much appreciated.

Thousands of Closings

Since the purchase of property is such a huge investment, you should always choose to do business with entities that have years of experience in the industry. Marlin Title has conducted thousands of closings in the past 16 years. This opportunity has allowed us to see every type of situation that might arise. It has also taught us how to tackle and solve any problems that could disrupt your transaction.

We’ll not only find any potential issues with a property, we’ll find creative solutions to help you get to closing faster.

Our Dependable Team

The team at Marlin Title understands the complexity and importance of real estate deals and the changing regulatory environment. The process can be complicated. Each member of our team has the knowledge and experience to provide exemplary service. With experience in banking, finance, law, and real estate brokerage, you can put your trust into our team.

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