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Marlin Title has enjoyed 16 years of experience providing real estate title insurance, mortgage closings, and escrow services. During that time, we’ve learned the ins and outs of residential and commercial real estate. We know how to achieve a successful transaction. By enlisting our company, you can rest assured that you’ll never need to worry about incurring financial damage if there’s some unforeseen problem with your property.

Title Insurance Policies

Since you don’t hear about real estate transactions hitting a snag too often, you probably think that problems never arise. The truth is that a title company is, without a doubt, involved in almost every single one of these smooth transactions. Our policies will safeguard you against unforeseen legal and financial entanglements. These are often in the form of pending mortgages, lawsuits, liens, and undisclosed heirs, but that may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Title/Property Searches

Searching title and property records has become a bit more difficult because you must deal with physical and digital documentation. Our team knows how to navigate both of these realms so that we can properly identify the rightful property owner via public records. This involved process also allows us to identify liens or other claims that have been made against the property.

Refinancing Title Services

Marlin Title has worked with many financial institutions to help our clients refinance their real estate investments. For our part, we’ll conduct a thorough background check on the property and identify any potential issues. In a “cash out” situation where funds need to be dispersed, we’ll work directly with the lender to make sure it’s done in a timely manner.

Mortgage Closings

Regardless of the property you’re buying, mortgage closings take a lot of time and effort. Our team will handle all the details so that the property will be protected from potential claims. These could include claims related to past owners, back taxes, and fraud, all of which can be missed if you skimp on your due diligence.

Escrow and Notary Services

Marlin Title will handle escrow and notary services for your impending property closing. Our team will establish an escrow account so that funds for homeowners’ insurance, property taxes, and other requirements can be disbursed.

Document Preparation

As you might expect, there’s a lot of document preparation involved whenever you purchase a new property. This can slow things down, especially if you’re not sure how to fill out the paperwork or, even worse, make a mistake. Our team will check and double-check every title document to help ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Remote Closings

With so many people on the go these days for both business and pleasure, getting everyone into one place can be a hassle. The team at Marlin Title make everything a whole lot easier by offering remote closing. Using the most sophisticated technology available, we offer e-signing and e-notarization that will allow you to go through much of the purchasing process no matter where you’re located.

Experience With Thousands of Closings

We can honestly say that we’ve seen it all at Marlin Title. Our team has been involved with thousands of mortgage closings on all types of properties. We’ve handled everything from modest starter homes to luxurious mansions and everything in-between. This level of real-world experience has put us into a position where we can tackle anything that comes up while we help you navigate the purchasing process.

Work With Our Dependable Team

You’ll never find a more dependable team than the one we’ve built at Marlin Title. Every person employed at our company has been hand-selected to ensure that they always exemplify a high level of excellence. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our friendly and capable staff throughout the process and beyond.

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