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Purchasing a piece of residential real estate is an exciting prospect, but if things go wrong, the results could be devastating. Marlin Title has more than 16 years of expertise in real estate title insurance, real estate closings, and escrow services. We are masters at property and title research. This makes us the best solution to protect you against financial damage due to problems with your pending property purchase. Check out why realtors love working with our title company in Hillsborough!

Title Insurance Policies

Most real estate transactions move along from beginning to end very smoothly, but — oh, boy! — when something goes wrong, it can turn into a catastrophe. Marlin Title can protect you from this unfortunate situation. Our team will use its many years of experience to search multiple records to discover any pending mortgages, lawsuits, financial liens, undisclosed heirs, and anything else that may delay or stop the process.

We’ll not only find and inform you of these potential issues. Our team will develop unique solutions to resolve these issues fast, so you can get to closing on time.

Title/Property Searches

While it may be inconceivable that a listed property is owned by someone other than the person who has claimed ownership to you, it happens. The first thing Marlin Title will do is search through property documentation to identify the rightful property owner. If the owner isn’t who you think it is, we’ll work with you to rectify the situation.

Refinancing Title Services

Are you in need of refinancing a piece of real estate and prefer an ambassador to the financial institution? Our team has many years of experience in working with banks of all sizes to conduct a detailed background check on the property’s title. We can also assist in situations where a “cash out” from the refinancing is needed and will work with the lender to ensure proper disbursement of funds.

Mortgage Closings

It’d be nice if mortgage closings were a simple, fast process, but this isn’t the case. Knowing this, Marlin Title can take much of the burden out of your hands as it relates to the protection of your property. If any problem rears is its ugly head such as a former owner claim, back taxes, or fraud, our intrepid team will kick into action.

Escrow and Notary Services from Our Title Company in Hillsborough

You can just call us a one-stop shop in protecting property investments! With our escrow and notary services, we’ll deal with establishing an escrow account to ensure proper dissemination of funds that are required during the property buying process. These services include paying out monies for property taxes and homeowners’ insurance. If any notary services, including mobile notary services, are required, we’ll take care of that, too.

Document Preparation

We can’t think of anyone who likes to do paperwork, but our team has gotten so proficient at it, that we may be the first. Since our team has more than 16 years of experience in the industry, there isn’t a type of document that we haven’t either filled out ourselves or assisted our clients with. You can rest assured that every document will be complete, factual, and (as needed) properly notarized.

Remote Closings

In the past, purchasing residential property from a distance could be problematic and often required travel for the final paperwork. Those days are largely behind us, which is why Marlin Title maintains the technology needed to perform remote closings. This includes e-signing and e-notarization.

We’ve Handled Thousands of Closings

If you’re looking for experience, look no further than Marlin Title. Our company has been involved with thousands of closings over the course of our many years. This not only gives us an expertise in the process and documentation of a property purchase, but it also means that we know exactly what to look for to research and identify potential problems and take the necessary steps from there.

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