When will the title agent provide you with a deed?

At closing, we, as title agents, will provide you with the executed deed so that you may verify vesting. Still, the title agent will ask for it back. The initially submitted deed is to the county your property resides for recording. When the county has recorded the deed into public records, the title agent will mail you the recorded deed. Ownership transfer is from the day of closing. Still, the deed will not be recorded on the same day as it takes time to register; but you are the owner of the effective closing date.

Clients may ask for a copy of the deed executed at closing. Sometimes, gated communities and associations want to see instant proof you are the new title-holder. The client should give the association a copy of the closing statement as proof of the new ownership. However, a copy of the deed should suffice as evidence of ownership. The record of the deed after the county records will be of public record. The closing agent and Marlin Title will file the deed with the county for recording. How long does it take to have the deed returned to you? It hinges on how busy the county office recording the deed is when they receive the document.

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