Property Information Like You've Never Seen Before!

FETCH is a revolutionary application that enhances the various ways property data can be delivered to you as an Agent or Lender. FETCH is the only application that provides property data in a “Live Format”, which is far more advanced than receiving data in an Excel spreadsheet. Property data being “Live”, allows for automatic property updates within your farms, “alerts” on changes within your farms, and the ability to share data between you and your data provider. FETCH offers you the ability to pinpoint the best farming areas self-serve or allows your data provider to do that work for you- and “Share” the work directly into your FETCH account.

Here is why FETCH is for you:

• It's FREE.

• Nationwide Property Data Accessibility.

• Find the BEST Farming Areas by Turnover Rate - "Statistics" by FETCH will group and sort a city or area from highest to lowest turnover rate. This pinpoints the best areas to farm!
• Farms and Lists are Constantly Updated - No need to ask for a "farm update'; simply login to FETCH for the most up-to-date property info in your farm(s) 24/7.
• Receive Email Alerts on Your Farms - Farms change, owners sell. Be automatically alerted to property sales and updated turnover rates in your farm(s).

FETCH is a "One-Stop Shop"- Farms are saved in FETCH, and a"click" on any property provides: Property Profiles, Aerial & Street View Maps, Net Sheets, along with all property info.
Have Farms Created for You and Shared to Your Account- You receive the same "Live"data as if you created the farm yourself.
• Analyze Any Farm Area - For12 month turnover rate, for 5-year sales trends, non-owner occupancy rate, etc...
• PREMIER DATA: FETCH allows users to identify homes in any area
that have possible reasons to sell. This helps users create target lists based upon divorce, death, default, or other "life events'' that lead to property sale. Also available for purchase is all mortgage or valuation information that could help agents and lenders alike to be more successful in their target marketing. Additionally, we offer access to Phones/Emails for pennies to those that want to market directly to prospects.

Everything the Assessor Knows•••Now You Know & More!

FETCH is a revolutionary process of procuring data and property information to successfully grow and build your current business and clientele. With the NEW and improved FETCH you still have instant access to all the property information details and farming tools needed to successfully market and prospect for new business. And now... FETCH allows you to search Nationwide, have multiple user management, custom branding, new data, new leads, shared queries, expanded farming, multiple search tools, reports, and more!

Take a look at our advanced powerful tools

Forever Farms- Live updates made to existing farms. Once the farm is identified the system will keep all of the information current.
Nationwide Access- Instead of county subscriptions, you now have national coverage.
Data & Saved Searches- Data is updated weekly and can be shared with any FETCH user. This helps eliminate the need to re-send the same farm packages to end users and it also allows the user to further customize a search that was shared by a title professional.
GEO Search Based- All searches can be map-specific or flat file format commonly used with current farming tools. In addition, the allowed search form fields can be customized to the client's legal preferences.
Stateless Responsive Framework-Allows users with any media device to
seamlessly use the application.
Reports- We offer Full Profiles, SB 133 Compliant Profiles, Single Page Profiles, AVMs, Tax Bills (where available), and any number of customized configurable reports.

Real Property Documents- Can be used from your current vendor (w/Third-Party Vendor agreement) or can be licensed from us.
Multiple Tier User Management System- Allows the Title Company to set limits on usage.
Branding- Can be co-branded and hosted on any server.
Searches- In addition to the farms you have the ability to search nationwide owners and property.
Tract Utility- Measures frequency of property sale(known as turnover rate) in geographical areas and works like radar to place Realtors or investors into areas where homes are selling more frequently.
Premier Leads and Phone are Available Now:
Premier Leads- This connection will allow FETCH users to purchase any premiere data elements that are not offered by the FETCH subscription.
Native Phone Applications- Native apps in both the Google Play and Apple Stores are available.

Ready to find out more?